John Hine

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John is a highly experienced food and agribusiness expert with a solid track record in policy development and the development and delivery of programs for government. He brings an extensive knowledge of the wider issues affecting economic development, with specialized expertise in regional economic development. John has built on the work for his doctorate to develop strengths in the research and analysis of complex issues.

Insights and skills developed over his extensive career have equipped him to assist regions and industries in Queensland to develop their economies and industries to look at new ways of responding to competition and developing new kinds of businesses in the face of stiffening competition from overseas markets.

He recently developed an Economic Development Strategy for the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council to provide a future direction for the Council. John has written articles for the national magazine Food and Drink that focused on success factors for food companies.

The Challenge

John’s view is that if Singapore can be a bigger player in world agribusiness than Queensland, yet with a similar sized population and no local production, then we need to take a whole new look at how we run our economy. More of the same certainly won’t work!

Looking to protect the status quo isn’t an option in the modern world either. “Buy Australian campaigns look good but people generally buy what is the best value for money.

The rate of change, and the determination to succeed, by a growing number of developing nations means that there is a degree of urgency! The decision by General Motors Holden to no longer design cars in Australia is a serious concern. If we cannot be competitive in sophisticated areas, where do we stand?

The Response

John can help your region or industry look at new approaches.

There is significant government funding for regions, industries and companies to develop and implement new approaches. Government responds to clear plans for self-help and will often re-focus funding where there is a strong case.

Many regions feel that government has forgotten them. John suggests that this isn’t so and that government is simply responding where regions, and especially the industries or businesses in that region, have clear, well thought through projects to move forward.

If your region or industry doesn’t have clear well thought through commercial projects to move forward, well, then you probably won’t get any funding.

John can work with you to assist your region or your industry grow by developing submissions for funding, and catalyzing action, to:

  • Enhance regional business skills through use of the internet, webinars and other similar applications.
  • Develop new approaches to vocational skills development in regions, using alliances between high schools, Councils, TAFE, private providers and using the internet.
  • Explore new ways of businesses working together in a region to develop both scale and higher value products for new markets and moving away from low value bulk commodities.
  • Facilitate new kinds of cooperatives that involve non-farm members, who may bring capital, business skills and market links that a region lacks.
  • Foster international alliances between regional groups in Qld and businesses overseas.
  • Explore using what are now waste or low value by-products to extract high value antioxidants, biochemicals or other high value chemicals.
  • Position Qld regions to participate in the large scale fermentation industries that are likely to grow once ways to extract cellulose from woody waste and other biomass become economic. These new technologies may well come on stream as the price, and availability, of oil becomes critical. That is, over the next ten years!
  • Position Qld regions to participate in the large scale growth of algae or cyanobacteria for biodiesel production that may be economic in the near future, again as the price and availability of oil becomes critical.

John holds a PhD and an Honours degree in microbiology from the University of Queensland and is a member of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, the Rural Press Club and the Institute of Management Consultants.

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Phone:      07 – 3264 4568    
0432 027 744