John has extensive experience in public policy in economic development, regional economic development and the food industry.  He can assist with monitoring of trends in government policy and economic trends affecting the above areas, developing economic development strategies for regions, strategic plans for industries and in preparing submissions for key government policy and program development processes and grant applications.

The Commonwealth’s National Food Plan, the National Farmers Blueprint for Agriculture and the Qld Government’s Agriculture Strategy will all be out in early 2013.   John is concerned that the NFF and the Qld Government Strategy will not address the hard issues.  The National Food Plan will look at a range of industry wide issues but not necessarily what needs to be done to encourage individual businesses to change. 

The challenges facing Australian agriculture and food processing are growing.  Supermarket pressure for shorter more efficient supply chains is growing.  Overseas investment is rising while local investment is static.    Standing still and relying on ‘buy Australian’ sentiment won’t work. Fundamental change exploring all kinds of new opportunities is the only way forward.

John’s strong research skills can assist companies with data gathering and analysis for new projects and in developing plans for new ways to move forward.