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15 Mar @ 10:52 am
posted by John Hine

Much continues to be said about all the opportunities from commercialising the excellent basic research being done at our universities and CSIRO. A key problem is that we have few companies who can handle long term research commercialisation and we have limited management skills and venture capital to commercialise via a start-up. Doing long term deals with multinationals may be a way to go eg Univ of Qld has deals with Dow and Siemens Health Care.

2 Mar @ 8:51 pm
posted by John Hine

As Qld local government elections come up on March 19, the low level of debate about the role of local government, and especially in how traditional infrastructure is funded and what kinds of soft infrastructure we need, is remarkably missing.

@ 8:49 pm
posted by John Hine

Indonesia is looking for a major boost to its power system, especially to its numerous smaller islands. Is there not an opportunity for Qld project management groups to team with the new Ergon/Energex merger, perhaps with the new ‘green’ AGL, to bid for some of this work?