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28 Feb @ 8:46 pm
posted by John Hine

There is much debate about the merits of restricting negative gearing etc to new housing. It is suggested that if Turnbull wants to make his Innovation Agenda work then he has to stop giving tax concessions for relatively low risk investments such as housing. Tax concessions should only apply to higher risk investments such as start-ups and growing companies.

19 Feb @ 12:35 am
posted by John Hine

Federal Ag Minister is forcing staff of Rural R&D Corporations out of Canberra. There are three problems here:
* is is working on the basis that rural towns need Govt help, such as transferring in public servants. They would be much better building up local businesses.
* good people wont want to work in the Rural R&D Corporations as a move out of Canberra will be too disruptive
* all this at a time when the Rural R&D Corporations need radical reform. They are geared towards industries and commodities. We need an ag R&D support system aimed at companies and products.