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22 Nov @ 6:39 am
posted by John Hine

There is now a call for submissions to the planned Qld Agriculture Strategy, see  I had some concerns about the National Food Plan Green Paper and more concerns on the National Farmers Federation Initial Findings document re their Blueprint for Agriculture.  However, the Qld Agriculture Strategy Discussion Paper is worse!  I almost dispair about the state of our agriculture if the various institutions set up to promote the sector get it so wrong.  I wonder if we almost need to start again or work outside the institutional framework.   Any comments?






3 Nov @ 11:06 am
posted by John Hine

I have some real concern over the process used to develop the Initial Findings and the content of the released document.  The real focus surely has to be on why some farmers have a 10% Return on Investment and the average RoI for farmers is only 1%.  Infrastructure is clearly part of the picture but farm operations has to be a key element.  A new approach to the Blueprint may then be needed.