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21 Mar @ 5:10 pm
posted by John Hine
This site was set up to promote discussion and debate on how to further develop Queensland’s economy.Yes, all the formal statistics show the State’s economy doing well. However several points are made;

  • The State is heavily dependent on minerals exports, especially coal.
  •  The infrastructure and skills for mining are fairly easily developed in other nations, making us vulnerable.
  • There are few other sectors of the economy where Queensland has any real sustainable competitive advantage
  • Many regions are struggling, with lower than average incomes.
  • Even in SE Queensland, many companies are struggling.
  • There is a high level of complacency.

It is suggested that neither side of politics has given enough thought to economic development.

New parties which promise a return to protectionism are growing. Protection wont work!

There is therefore an urgent need for new approaches to be developed.

Read on and debate with me!! There are no simple answers.

This site will evolve as new issues and ideas come to light.