This site was set up to promote discussion and debate on how to further develop Queensland’s economy.
Yes, all the formal statistics show the State’s economy doing well. However several points are made;

  • The State is heavily dependent on minerals exports, especially coal.
  • The infrastructure and skills for mining are fairly easily developed in other nations, making us vulnerable.
  • There are few other sectors of the economy where Queensland has any real sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Many regions are struggling, with lower than average incomes.
  • Even in SE Queensland, many companies are struggling.
  • There is a high level of complacency.

Key recent issues include;

  • Food and agriculture strategies are due to be released by the Commonwealth, NFF and Qld Agriculture Department early in 2013.  Discussion papers etc suggest these may fall short of the vigorous action required.
  • Foreign investment continues while local agribusinesses seem to find it hard to attract investment.
  • Recent statement by supermarkets saying they want to tighten their supply chains, when lined with new data on the growing aging of farmers and that 55% of farmers have a turnover of less than $100 000, suggests a major shakeout of farmers with smaller and older farmers leaving the industry.
  • The demands by consumers for ethical food continues unabated.
  • Too many industry leaders seem to be thinking that quarantine, buy Australian and other short term measures will work.